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Been a long time...

I am so glad you guys are back online and accepting images again! It's funny I look at my old stuff I did here and look at my newer stuff and I have definetly improved. I am almost thinking about deleting some of the junkier images to make room for the 50+ images I now have.

Sep 24, 2007 by: stevecriado

Old is New and Of Higher Resolution

I have realized that some of my old stuff on SWAG is not just low resolution, but bad quality low resolution thanks to my ignorance of how image optimization for web works back in those days.

So I have dug out a bunch of my old artwork written onto CD and just uploaded the larger images with no further touch ups onto the site.

Here is a list of the entries with upgraded images.

Sep 24, 2007 by: Hisham

20 Years of Star Wars D6 *Update, 27-9-2007*

Minor Jedi

To commemorate 20 years of West End Games Original Star Wars Roleplaying Game and the return of SWAG running at full strength I've started illustrating the character templates from the 1st Edition Star Wars RPG.

I'd hoped to have them all done before SWAG's return, but that didn't happen so I'll be posting them here as each is completed.

Sep 24, 2007 by: Stirzy
An update on my progress. Nearly finished, mainly just adding layers of detail, shading and highlights now. Perhaps the biggest task left to do is to extend those swirly markings all the way down his right arm, though I have to admit, it's quite enjoyable and relaxing to get lost in those patterns. Hopefully the next time you'll see this will be completed and in my gallery. EDIT: See the finished piece here. I currently have no intention of colouring this, though I may in the future.
Well, I though it was a cool idea to put yourself as a Star Wars character, so here it is, in the fashion of Asok's, Hish's, and JawaStu's, It's me.
Well, I don't have photoshop yet (poo), but I am still sketching in my only remaining sketchbook at the moment. Most of my stuff is in limbo right now as I'm preparing to move in with Drig, at which point I may not have regular internet access. I've drawn a few Star Wars pieces: a lady Hutt and a rogues gallery piece. The drawing on top is just some cartoony aliens for a story I've been writing recently. The two drawings in the middle are concepts for aliens in a book Drig and I have been working on for the last five years.
Clawcraft Cockpit WIP
So yeah, I know it's been literally 4+ years that I've been working on the Clawcraft now, but I really do think this will be the last time through! Honest!
Well, most of you are probably noticing that new little features continue to pop up here and there. The most recent feature I put together was a dynamic image counter. I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are but that can only be as accurate as the source material, so I'm hoping that the number of requests is at least close to correct. Once the new request system is implemented we'll have to be sure to mark things that are request as such.
Continuing in my quest to make Gungan's cool/sexy/scary and anything but Jar-Jar-like and inspired by this week's Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, here is my latest...
I have ideas. Ideas for pictures; and I may draw them. I think I'm going to bust out with poser and rock some interesting angles. I have no qualm about using poser at this point in my life. It is simply a tool. I liken it to using a calculator only after you've actually learned to add. Hopefully I will not come to rely on it as contemporary cultures rely on the spell check in Word so as not to appear illiterate.