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Human Swoop Gang Leader from Sulon (wip)


So here is a rather basic sketch of what I had in mind... I dont like drawing hands so I made him stand behind the swoop so I could hide them.

Im not quite sure if dimesions in this piece are correct... What do you think, are size between speeder and guy about right... I get blinded of my own work and fail to see such things myself.

Lots of detail to be added and colours need to be corrected a lot... but this, I hope, will be the base.


---Update 2007-Oct-09 ---

Sep 29, 2007 by: McRage in: Work In Progress

A Milestone of Sorts


Take a look at the number of images we have on SWAG. Shouldn't it count as a milestone for the site?

Here's to another 2500 more and beyond!

Sep 29, 2007 by: Hisham

More Clawcraft WIP

I've been working my TAIL OFF on the front view port. Gosh that thing was an absolute pain. As you can see I've cut the slots into it for the "transparasteel" inserts most of the details on the exterior are now done, I'm just going to do the hatch now. I want to detail the interior more but as there's a time limit to what I can do here, it's last on my laundry list of improvements to get finished.

Sep 28, 2007 by: Eclipse in: Work In Progress
Colors and shadows
What I'll do is I'll show the progress on the Gungan Slicer that Acheron requested as time goes by here in this blog entry. Sep 28 2007: Here's the black and white pencils which I came up with using Painter Classic. The form of the figure and the background will probably change some over the course of time. Good grief! I just realized that he looks like a hadrosaur, he does.
It's sooooo cool to see the site back in full swing. I'm looking forward to seeing new stuff go up and reconnecting with all of the great people that I've met here over the years. Since all of my gaming contacts (read: friends) have moved away from the NY area and family and work life has been keeping me so ridiculously busy, I find I have to get my gaming experiences through vicarious means, like this fine website. Looking forward to seeing lots of new stuff from everyone! -Steve
Cover for Darkfall Ascension - The Clone Wars part of the DF Saga. Went back to traditional with the pencils although the coloring is photoshop. I drew this up several weeks ago so you can see it's not as polished as the new stuff. I'm planning on making it painterly with painter 10. The body position of the twilek with is from a basketball ad I thought was interesting.
What's a Star Wars story without a seedy bar?
Click Read More to see the Image: This beautiful illustration was a commission I ordered from Mike Vilardi. In my opinion he was the reason I am still drawing Star Wars related work. If you are unfamiliar with his West End Star Wars work then you must have just started RPGing. Group from left to right: Kara Brin, Edge Collins, Jed Hunter, Brit Brega, Trace Wesley and Troy Brega. Here is a question for you all. When I upload a new image would you rather me explain the process of creation or the event in the storyline?
The Star Wars Artist Guild is DEFINITELY BACK! I've been looking over the numbers for swag, and frankly... we're making a pretty huge dent in the server we're on currently. We single-handedly moved a little over a Gig of information yesterday, and that is JUST AMAZING to me. Hish mentioned yesterday that he might need a thesaurus because "amazing" just wasn't going to cut the mustard all the time with as much cool stuff as is happening around here, and frankly, I have to say I agree.
Well, I'm officially moved in with Drig now. I've been using his computer to color some of my images I had posted in my blog, and I plan to do a few more before requests start taking off. The bad news is we don't have internet access right now. So I'm in a public library right now, keeping up to date. Until we get a connection of our own, I'll have to make a daily trek to this hub. But hopefully soon that should change. Thanks everybody for all the feedback on my new stuff.