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It takes small things to make me happy.

I just noticed this. It is eerie to me. Why is my art here? What is wrong with the world?

Just copy and paste it. The HTML here is weird. I'm sorry Kris, but it just is.

Oct 4, 2007 by: CCR

Voodni Colony Ship

OK, so when I was reading Wolverine's description on this he said it looked like old technology even though it wasn't which made me thing it should be really monolithic. Before I took it too far I wanted to get something on the page so that I could see if that was even moderately close. The planet is total stand in as is the lens flare, so let's not comment on them shall we? :-)

Comments on the design? Also, how's my lighting and shadows?

Oct 3, 2007 by: Eclipse in: Work In Progress

Merc'd! Work in Progress

Allright, maybe I lied...

This is a pic of Asok working in my shower today. I cleaned Merc'd into the window and Asok posed...

Original Request can be found here.

By the way Tan-Par, the request is coming along and will be up soon.

Haha! Asok got Merc'd in the shower!

Oct 3, 2007 by: Drig in: Work In Progress
For this blog I wanted to talk about my latest project, a Gungan Galleon.. I have to admit my inspiration came from a previous blog by JawaStu who mentioned that some kind of submersible Gungan galleon would be interesting. I just loved the idea and decided to try and create one for my next RPG session.
I want to make a poster for the darkfall group and will use this as one of the elements. Photoshop and painter like usual, took about 4 hours. I used the same reference for her with ClickPenPixieXstock on deviantart. I will add part of the body once I have an idea of the rest of the layout. I would love to make it similar to Struzan style movie posters.
Shaggy This is to give you an inside look to my work in progress on your request. Let me know you thoughts if you have any. Obviously the color is slapped on to give me an idea of color balance of position before getting into the real stuff. Thus far I like where it is going.
Doing a little research and came across Executive Order 9066 which without making it a long story was America's answer to internment camps for Japanese Americans during the 1940s. I wonder if Lucas decided to use this for Order 66 or if it's just a coincidence.?
Berdan breaks out of Pleasantville
Here are the work in progress snapshots of CorranFett's Berdan Ngajio Angantire. The first is a very rough sketch of the character's post. The only major changes to its design are:
So kewbe had this to say about my Sith Girl piece: "I don’t know this pic bothers me its like so much time was taken on the body and the face looks fake. In fact I could swear I have seen the face and body separate before. Anyway it would be neat to see this pic redone with more attention to the face and particularly the eyes." My reply, "Kewbe, I guarantee that you have never seen either the body or face before, (except that you have probably seen blonde human women wearing similar clothing at some point.)
Here be the line art of Chief Captain's request for the Sullustan Tech. Please let me know if this is what you had in mind, and also feel free to make suggestion for coloring, albeit with the caveat that it may not be incorporated into the final product. Some ideas just don't translate onto paper, sadly. Well, I hope you enjoy the progress of the piece. Hopefully coloring will begin soon, possibly tonight.