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Captain Bulsara WIP

Velovich contacted me relatively recently to ask if I had ever finished this piece and I realized that I had never progressed beyond the flat colors. Below is the final piece which I'll be submitting today.

I hope it was worth the wait, V-Man.


Nov 5, 2007 by: Monkeyman

Jedi Female, vs. Sith Male

Just an idea for the request posted.

Not sure about the composition cause it doesn't show her face and I'm figuring that this is what you had wanted. I guess this is just an aspect of it - I can kind of see this as a part of a comic page...

may be something to try anyway.

Nov 4, 2007 by: Mercy

Chiss Fighter Helmet

So, if you read my blogs you know I spend a troubling amount of time working on creating the perfect Chiss Clawcraft. Jeff Carlisle (our very own Lupis the Bold) has helped me out a ton on that particular project. Anyway, I was showing off what I had to JawaStu the other day, and he mentioned to me that he'd love to see a hangar scene with Chiss and the Clawcraft. Of course I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that level of work today, however... I'd love to work up to it. And with that in mind, I started thinking.

Oct 29, 2007 by: Eclipse in: Work In Progress
No Background
Just wanted to post this image for you JourneymanOfZion. It is san-background and is better for printing. Enjoy.
I started some new stuff last night: an Ithorian bounty hunter named Udu Afa, and a Koensayr space transport I designed called "The Undertow". I designed it to be the ship for another character I've drawn: Yuzada the Aqualish scout. She works with an old Zed police droid as a courier. I need to come up with a model name for the ship.
Details on the cat
Ryavar Darek's eponymous request can be found here at this thread. Here's the digital pencils as well as the initial slapping on the paints onto the canvas. I did away with the cloak to show the robes underneath in an action pose. More to come! Nov 15 2007: Done and uploaded.
Hey, guys! I've only today found out you can do this! So here is the finished sketch. I'll also post the first coloured image. This is a bit of a break from my usual style, I wanted to try something a bit different. Can't decide between two images, though. I wanted the background character to look somewhat separated from the foreground one. Like a ghost, or a dream of this young man's future. However, I think that maybe the second picture is a bit too washed-out. So I dunno. What does everyone think? ~Mercy.
So, I've added my newest clawcraft work. You can see that Jeff completely reworked the tail, and I've done a lot of work to reflect what he wanted it to look like. The wings now sweep into the tail. There are a few small areas that still need a little detailing, but I chose to hold off on the textures again for a little longer until all the basic mesh can be agreed upon. At this point I think we're done with that sort of work for the most part. Engines got a total overhaul as well, and I am VERY pleased with how that came out.
Hey all, this is a bit that I was working on a while back and I want to finish it off some. While the pen/ink + coloring style works for me I am more interested in pursuing a more painterly approach. Not sure if I am ready to start that with this piece or not however. What I want to accomplish with this piece is to take it to the next level with detail, shading, and color. Any tips or comments are more than welcome. Glad to be back!
My running sketch for SaberArcolin's droid RA-VN. The floating things behind him are repair drones, and the little Ithorian in his hand will be a hologram of his master, an Ithorian pirate.