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Aliens for Easter

Ok, so it's not SW but hey, it has aliens in it!

Happy Easter to all my friends here on the SWAG community. My your bellies burst with sugar laced wonders. 


Watercolors on bristol paper 11x14. 

Apr 18, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Pin Up

A portrait of a young Mirialan and her monkey lizard

Portrait of a younge Mirialan and her monkey lizard

So I am for some reason unable to post anything to my gallery, so I will post things here. 

Another watercolor sketch in my moleskin sketchbook, this time of a young Mirialan girl, possibly a preeten who is starting to bloom into a smuggler or scoundrel after a stint of dealing spice on the streets, among other less savory things. 

This was a fun little piece that probably took me about an hour or so. 

Apr 10, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook

A little watercolor sketch

Jynx in holographic inmage

Hey gang, 

Here's a quick 45 minute watercolor sketch I did in my sketchbook of Jynx. It's been a long time since I've done anything with her in a long time and I miss her. 

I tried to portray her as an incoming holo image, feeling the full weight of some great frustration. I can hear her voice over the comm saying something like "I really screwed up this time...."

I hope you like it. 


Apr 7, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook
I drew a tree this morning. I was practicing backgrounds. Now all I need is a subject. I was thinking of a Goblin off to the right of the tree. I wanted him to offset the sereen of the forest. But not sure. Any ideas?
For the monthly theme - Mirialan and Miraluka martial artists. I want to do a background, but I'm stuck for ideas. I drew a weird desertscape, but I don't think I like it. Any ideas?
Its a start...this or the light saber is a handle on a swoop bike....still working it out.
If you look back at my gallery (and I have mixed feelings about you doing so) you'll see that it took me a long time to develope a style that I'm comfortable with.  Well I'm glad I found it, because it's the only way I could pull off these crowd scenes.  Man, am I really lovin' doing crowd scenes.  Not entirely certain whether I'll be able to colour this one, but I'll have to try. I feel that this one NEEDS colour.   Pic #2: Tightened up he lines.  Made a couple of minor changes.  All while being pounced upon continuously by tiny monsters.
Felt like drawing today. Did the Drall and here is some work on a Smuggler. Progress coming along. Hadn't used this style in a long time.  
Cross between a Y-wing and Snow Speeder. 
Sketch for a request I took out for Scrumtrulescent, unfortunately a very long time ago.