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Tusserk's Sketchbook

Figured I'd get one of these sketchbook things happening! Mainly because I just scribbled up a reaction to our latest spam post in the forums-- though the post isn't there anymore, it (and Asok's reaction to it!!) sure got a laugh out of me. May as well have somewhere to post my odds and ends and scrawls that I don't really intend to finish, too!

12/09 - Huh. Well, I finished Michael's Paladin guy, buuuut for some reason the image won't survive the blog-submitting process. Guess only Michael gets to see him for now!

Jan 24, 2011 by: Tusserk in: Sketchbook

Non-Star Wars Ship

As usual, all the concept artwork credit goes to Jeff Carlisle whose art I am constantly consuming and repurposing for my own usage. It's hard to find concepts better than his, and I'm certainly not ready to go spitting out awesome concept ships.

Original can be found here:

First image is the current GI Render, second is my polygons.

Jan 23, 2011 by: Eclipse in: Non-Star Wars Art

Skog the Jawa's Request

Here is Skog's Character up with black and whites! Next up is Andy the 21-B Droid!

If there's anything you'd like changed Skog, let me know!

Jan 19, 2011 by: Drig in: Work In Progress
Well heres my black and whites for it. Haven't done black and whites in a long time! Usually start with colors now. This request was originally done by Asok as a padawan as seen here: Requester asked for her to be updated to more "healer" look since the character has aged and is almost a Jedi Knight. If there's anything you'd like changed danikreuzer, let me know!
I think it's important to show just how this works when you are untrained, like myself. Here is the series of how I got to the pic I have now. Just as a I need those. I threw in a 6 min. concept piece of My earlier miralukain assasin... Loosing the red-brown leather and going with a all black Trinity suit. Little something to work on in between.
So, Jeff Carlisle has this squid thing that I did a bust of a few years ago. Never got around to finishing it and wanted to take a try at it with new techniques. Seems to be coming along ok.
So my friend Erin (fellow gamer and GM) saw my latest Jynxie piece and wanted one. is a start up sketch of her character Taylor Castel. Taylor is a Brig. General in our game system, technician extraordinare, and is often confused for a Jedi. (I think it has to do with those hydrospanners looking a lot like a light saber personally).
Been a bit of a while coming, but I'm finally getting into my piece for rg000's ewok character, Dee! I fell in love with the character concept pretty much right off the bat, and I am so determined to get her JUST RIGHT! Therefore, here's my sketch thus far, and I thought I'd check that I'd put all the elements together properly before getting too much further into the detail. I've also got the background pretty much sorted, I am so excited to polish the sketch and start getting stuck into colour!!
Kinda just noodling around between doing grey scale on that massive Star Wars GM Screen. Here's another Jynx sketch....hope you like it. 12/27/10 Soooooooooooo.... I finished my doodle of Jynxie here and decided...why not make it into a GM warning for the upcoming convention? Cheeky. And a good reason to always carry explosives and duct tape in your purse!
Anrak & Kage
New Request from Seghast;