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The New Rebels

We started a new campaign last night - a fledgling rebellion is forming in far off places in the galaxy as the Empire prepares to utilize its new Death Star. This is the story of one small band of rebels.

From left:
Jayden Corser, the last living member of the Corser family of merchant traders. His family's space station was destroyed after it was discovered they were aiding the emerging rebel forces.

Trin Varess, a smuggler on the run from a vicious crimelord, and her Trandoshan copilot codenamed McFly.

Feb 20, 2011 by: Asok in: Work In Progress

Ka'rta Tor Ramo - Nath's Girlfriend

Ka'rta Tor Ramos

New request from LC:

I have evolved the idea I had surrounding Nath's character and his background as an emerging Jedi. The trinket that is hanging on his sash is from a female Mandalorian that has given him some trouble in the past and it was something she left with him. It is like a Batman/Catwoman relationship. She is a bounty hunter/mercenary/assassin as needed and this clashes with the higher morals that Jedi and Nath have but there is a spark between the two. They can never be together but that doesn't mean that don't have their clandestine meetings from time to time.

Feb 19, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress


So, has anyone else noticed the crap-tons of species that have no art? It's a shame really, some of them sound ever-so-cool. To bad there is no artist who would be willing or able to put up some art work to give a visual reference to some of the better ones...hmmmmm

Feb 17, 2011 by: Casca1967
Valkryie Cain
Request from Eben Shadestalker: Hey I got inspired by Trisskars bladeborn requests and made up a character of my own named Valkryie Cain a 20 year old bladeborn Assassin but can hold her own in full scale battle as well she wears a white cloak a bit like the Assassins creed Charcaters She carries 10 throwing knifes in a belt with to medium size daggers on the sides of the belt and 2 swords crossed on her back
Keiran & Tussy
Ohmygodohmygod - HAD to give this a go!! Beautifully written scene HERE. Will attach when finished piece goes to gallery... ~ Mercy
Here is Scarecrow in his civilian attire. These are very rough concept sketches only, so don't mind the bad proportions and fuzzy detail here & there. Most importantly, his face doesn't really represent a Jango clone yet - I doodled the first image while at work and had no immediate reference material for the face. For now I am just trying to nail down the look of his outfit & hairstyle. Weapons will also be better detailed in a final drawing.
Okay, having completed a rendering of Asok it's about time I do one for Drig too! First sketch here is really just a first try - I realised only after finishing it that I had stuffed up his arms (they have another 'elbow'). So I'll give it another go and post again soon!
Sometimes, life can really pull us down with many hardship and obstacles to surmount. You feel like giving up, throwing up your hands and then fall to the ground in abject surrender to the difficulties. So here are some motivational posters I made to get you through the day! WOOHOO!
Request from Kalenath: Jikirt is a Kushiban.
So most of my latest SWAG character submissions are for an "Invasion" era fan comic I'm working on. I thought I'd post a page from the comic, and try and get some feedback. As I've never illustrated a comic before (though I've been reading them for most of my life), I'm finding it challenging to figure out exactly HOW to tell a story visually! Every panel can be told a different way...and it's kicking my butt to figure out which way is BEST!