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Hana Kumori

Hana Kumori

New request from mev186:

May 3, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

The Squad


Tussy's request HERE caught my eye and, well, after the amusement she's given us all, how could I say no?!

So here are the various members of Tussy's campaign.
Tuss, if I've neglected anyone PLEASE let me know, I'm sure I could fit em in!!

~ Mercy

PS, will get back to the list after this, promise!

Apr 24, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress
Jakira and Wen
New request from alicia:
Jumping ahead to page 18! I took some liberties with the script on this page, combining elements from the text to create both pages 18 and 19.
Tyn Tethis
New Bleach request for Seghast:
Update Update: So I know that the site is having some trouble (or was) and I wanted Slime to get a look at the final art, so I'm posting here even though I know that the art will eventually be up on the main page. I hope you are happy with it. I definitely am. Steve Update: Pretty much finished with the pencils, just a little more clean-up and I can move on to colors. Thanks for your patience, Slime. Work has been crazy busy and time to draw has been at a premium. Hi all,
I loaded this to the wrong thing...well the none completed one to the finished part so I figures I would load this one here.....I have been playing inbetween characters on my party pic. I am redoing many of them seperatly and then adding them to the big pic. so it's taking ALOT longer than I had thought. Ok..I said final...what I MEANT was finnally posting something...I running with this...cant..stop...aurgh
Well, duderinos, I've been keeping pretty busy of late. We've got an ongoing D&D 3.5 game running, and I'm playing a Masters of the Universe-inspired Locathah cleric (MERMAN!!). I recently introduced my little bro to the RPG phenom (McFly!), and we recently joined a D&D 4th Edition game at the local game shop, where we play two twin halfling rogues. Lotsa fun! On the business side, I've been making the moneys with some art commissions for a small RPG publisher, drawing some superheroes, and working as a colorist on another superhero brawl piece.
I'm sure REAL comicbook artists don't tackle a comic the way I do...but I like to jump around and work on different pages, depending on my mood. And since this is a fan project, I can afford to take my bloody time! That being said, this full-page spread of a half-dozen droid Jedi is kicking my butt. Technology has never been my strong suit, and finding interesting, different poses to stick the Jedi in has been a challenge! Especially this full-page.