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Tusserk's Sketchbook

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Figured I'd get one of these sketchbook things happening! Mainly because I just scribbled up a reaction to our latest spam post in the forums-- though the post isn't there anymore, it (and Asok's reaction to it!!) sure got a laugh out of me. May as well have somewhere to post my odds and ends and scrawls that I don't really intend to finish, too!

12/09 - Huh. Well, I finished Michael's Paladin guy, buuuut for some reason the image won't survive the blog-submitting process. Guess only Michael gets to see him for now!

16/10/12 - Whoa it's been over a year since I last stuck anything in this blog? XD Anyway, here's that Paladin dude that I failed to upload... last year, haha. Also another character portrait of an NPC from our home game... Arnold 'Ace' Rimmer, BSC, SSC. Yeah, we went there! This guy is just flat out Ace Rimmer. Not even pretending to be 'based upon' or anything. I know SWAG rules discourage uploading SW canon characters, so I'm erring on the side of caution with regards to canon from other universes and keeping Ace here in the sketchbook. Also another idle sketch, I know guys, I'm sorry, I promise I'll lay off the Sando pictures one day, I just can't help it, they are the only thing I want to draw ever.

23/01/13 - Whee, chucking a few more things up here. And cleaning up that wall of text, leaving only the last couple of updates, I mean who even reads all that anyway. XD But, just stuff from our home game, the wolf, the chicken and the horse being super derpy, Tendaji being crazy sinister, Evi angstily stuffing herself in an air vent and Jak being annoying to Equisha's player on tumblr. Yep. Serious stuff.

very much like this one..I can read?

Yes, indeed you can! In fact, your awesome power of reading appears to enhance people's elevation! So they can aspire to heights they always dreamed! :D

My elevation! It is enhanced!


Do I still get to keep my dexterity score? Shoot...

You might have been in with a chance, Drig, until my scanner chewed up what digits I actually drew at the end of your limbs....!

Grow taller, fools!

Whoa! I saw that Gungan, and I swore JawaStu was back! Looks awesome Tuss!


Hah! Thanks, dude-- though Stu's gungans certainly aren't as rife with anatomical errors as mine! He's one of those unfortunate pieces where I started twiddling in details well before I had his pose and body 'sorted'... bad move, that. Maybe one day I'll do him from scratch again!

HA!HA! It is to laugh! I love that Tandoshan jammin' away.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thats my trandocean. Sweet!!!!!!!!

Aaaahahaa, he's your character?? Well, when I found out about him I just couldn't help myself...!! Glad to be of entertainment value! ;)

Shut up, McFly.


Oh, girl you are such talent!!

oh Wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.........
Too rock-tastic for words, Tuss.

What the...? a skiing otter.... Do I want to know?

Obviously Tusserk is not very happy with this situation. GREAT picture.

Those space elk sketches are fantastic! Also, I LOVE Cora's hair. Great work all around!


Wow, so awesome! Exactly what I was thinking, Tuss! And it's nice to see progress!

The otter is great.

Kia kaha

Ink work! I is happy.


HaHaHa! Love the "Stand By Me" thingy! Oh, the awesome doeth leap at me from the screen.

Ha ha ha! This is so awesome!!!

sketches! :)
hehe, Trandoshan doing the Chuck Berry!

(btw, love your inking style)

Oh sweet, I totally forgot YOU OWED ME THAT! Haha, jk, it is SUPREME.


Awsome knight...does the good doctor care he is on her relative? Very nice work

Whoa! The Knight/Unicorn combo is farging awesome!


He's actually a Paladin. That's a request that Tusserk was kind enough to pick up for me.

I still cant get over the scrap book pic...way to cool.

LOL... Tusserk loves Sandos... LOL

those sandos love nose hugs. And that flight jacket rocks

A+ everything i gush over enough of these as is XD

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