Dee the Ewok [WIP]

Dee the Ewok [WIP]

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Been a bit of a while coming, but I'm finally getting into my piece for rg000's ewok character, Dee!

I fell in love with the character concept pretty much right off the bat, and I am so determined to get her JUST RIGHT! Therefore, here's my sketch thus far, and I thought I'd check that I'd put all the elements together properly before getting too much further into the detail.

I've also got the background pretty much sorted, I am so excited to polish the sketch and start getting stuck into colour!!

Update 25/01: Whee, progress! The finished linework on Dee, and some of the work I've done on the background.

I friggin love it!


So, I LOVE this one! it's awesome, Tuss!

JEEZ Tuss, you are AMAZING! This is SOOOO far beyond what I'd imagined! I am so eager to see how this turns out!

I'm just sorry it's taken this long!!! Hah. Super glad you like what I'm doing so far... I hope I can get the colours on Dee to work out just right. Gotta admit this one's been HEAPS of fun to work on so far!

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