Sketches part Deux

Sketches part Deux

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...Since the other one is getting hard to work with from the bulk of images, or maybe just that the computer I use is really bad, also cause I don't like...forcing (lolpuns) people to look at anything I draw, rather give them the option of stumbling upon them. A lot of these range from "rediculously old" to "i drew this like a day ago" buuutttttt I would end up writing a small novel explaining all of them, so rather I will refrain and only explain those that anyone might be curious about.

So many wonderful designs, how do you find the time to create them all?



I am dying with glee at the little rakghoul cutie pies omfg

But seriously there are so many great things here I don't even know where to start. XD That first one, awwwwfff, I know what exact moment you've drawn right there, ahhh. I would LOVE to see that one finished/coloured so much! AND WTF ARE THOSE CONSULARS OR WHAT? Dammit I'm going to make some hot chocolate then bug you in the gchat. XD

(PS, Cygnus, as far as I can tell she basically spends her entire life with a pencil in one hand and the other hand will be holding either her sketchbook, some dice, or an energy drink.)

Also wait hang on is that Vhince? All evil-grinning? And I'm gonna guess Eerris but I can't be sure because there's no gas mask. XD Also that lady Twi'lek is HELLA PRETTY and is another one I'd really really really love to see coloured. (Also I've just realised that Jak is probably retroactively super offended by the way Klopan got around at the end of the campaign. XD Trying to work out what he was wearing while Kit was around.)

I'm sorry I just keep looking at these and since you never came back last night you have to deal with a million comments. BUT I JUST NOTICED THE LABEL POINTING TO SHARA'S HANDS OMFG. XD

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