Nath & Ka'rta - comic cover

Nath & Ka'rta - comic cover

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New Comic cover for LC!

"So, the new idea for the request deals with Ka'rta and Nath. It is another comic book cover with Ka'rta on one side facing away and Nath facing the other direction but they are holding hands. It will be the 25th issue of the Nath Tarncrest comic. The emotion on their faces must reflect the love but pain in their relationship. The background must match their internal struggle. Darker shade on Ka'rta's side and lightens up as it crosses over to Nath's side of the panel. "

Okay, so when I first thought about this request the picture that came to mind was not this one! Was gonna do one of them both facing away, heads down and the gap between them being bridged only by their clasped hands - maybe with the crystal and cord wrapped around them...
However, I do need to get it into one A4 cover so I figure I'd need them a little closer, in doing so I lost their hands at the bottom of frame, though, so I had to brind these up to shoulder height.

May have another go at the original idea, but I have come to like this one now I've drawn it, so will probably still go with it as the final picture.

I like it Mercy... Looks like what was described, perfectly...

Cheers man!!

Looks great but Ka'rta is taller than Nath. But I am sure you have a good reason for that already figured out. They are roughly the same height but she has the heels on the boots that give her a slight edge in height and adds to the intimidation factor when dealing with marks.

"Torn between their love and duty" I don't know if that works. If you come with a better working title for the cover let me know.

Okay, here it is in a nut shell. They have been seeing each other for over two years. She is a Mandalorian and he is essential a Jedi Knight but outside of the Order (a freelancer). She is a bounty hunter, assassin, and mercenary when need be and he tries to live by the tenants of the Jedi Code but the cultural backgrounds keeps them from being with each other. Not Anakin and Padme here.

Kia kaha

She's obviously slouching, and leaning on him, as her feet are dragging the ground. He is standing straight up, supporting her. At least that's the way I see it ..

How about ... "Together though Seperate" ... or... "Lost in Love, Torn by Duty."


"Duty before Love." Or... "Love Lost by Code of Honor." ...

I could go on, but then again, I probably shouldn't.

Oh no!! I totally made her shorter than him...
Xan, that's a great reason for her being shorter - but I supect I'm stuck with needing to re-draw.

Poo... Okay, will post again soon!

Ooh, I like "Lost in Love, Torn by Duty"!
I've got the original one on there at the moment - "Can Their Love Survive?", which I think is still good!!

"Lost in Love, Torn by Duty." I like it.

No nee to redraw it. she could be slouching. Shows the strain of their relationship.

Kia kaha

You sure?? I want to get it right...
Might try a new sketch anyway, see how it goes, k?

Okay, new sketch up. I like this one!

That looks awesome.! I know it is just a sketch right now but Nath reminds me of "Cyclops" from the X-Men. That's cool.

Kia kaha

I've got to say, I miss the arm piece that was in the original sketch on Ka'rta's left arm. I liked the look of the one on the original image. Just something I noticed that was different, that I really liked in the first one :)

Yay! Glad you like!!
Xan - I have to agree, but I think I actually prefer the whole hands-to-elbows bit of the first one, so I will try a transplant maybe. (Foreshortening was never one of my strong-points...)
If that doesn't look right will try to sketch in the plate on her arm in PS.
Will post again soon!

Got it!!
I think this looks a lot better actually...

I agree... it shows both the strength of the relationship, but the tearing down that it is doing to both of them at the same time. Looks great... Of course that's just my opinion.. lol :)

Aw, thanks Xan! You say such nice things!!

This is looking great. I agree the emotions are showing the strain of a relationship that is eating away at them physically and internally. You sure have a way of nailing down a scene.

Kia kaha

Man, I love how this sketch is working out! Very easy for 'Romeo and Juliet' style romance depictions to get swept away on the tide of cliche, I think, but this feels very fresh and compelling. Good job to the both of you- LCT for visualising it in the first place, and Mercy for bringing it to life!!

Hee hee!! I'm so glad you all like it!
Funny, the characters shine through so well, I feel like all I need to do is nail 'em to the page...

'Romeo & Juliet', 'Batman & Catwoman', 'The Doctor & River Song' is a fair description of their relationship all rolled into one or aspects of each relationship.

She's a bad girl and he lives by the tenets of the Jedi Code. The Nath Tarncrest comic from issue #1 to issue #25 covers a span of two years in the Star Wars Universe. Ka'rta has not been in all the issues but does pop every couple of issues to keep her fresh or she may be in the shadows of an issue and not seen by Nath.

Kia kaha

I think that the Doctor and River Song belong in a category all of their own... since the only thing that keeps them from being together is time its self... But that's my opinion :)

Comic book layout and base colours up.

AWESOME....AWESOME....AWESOME. Looking great.

Kia kaha

Sweet Mercy comics... It'll catch on, I'm sure of it...

Yay! Glad you like!!

Hey Mercy, Looking at the #25 in the corner, could you put a starburt or explosion icon behind it. It is looking good otherwise. I can't wait to see it with the shading and textures added to it.

Kia kaha

Double-Sized Issue....Yeah! That will same it off the rack.

Kia kaha

Yeah man! Awesome idea!
Also - can I raise the price now??

Go Ahead!

Kia kaha


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