Help Me Pick Some Ladies!

Help Me Pick Some Ladies!

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So I am getting ready to produce a body of work in relation to selling prints and original pieces at future conventions and am already knee deep in some of the ladies from MTG, but would also like to include some of the ladies from the Star Wars universe at large. 

So far these characters would include:

Princess Leia
Deliah Blue
Aayla Secura
Adi Galia
Shaak Ti
Mara Jade
Zam Wessel
Aura Sing
Rystal Sant <3
Assajj Ventress
Barriss Offee
Bastilla Shan
Maris Brood
Darth Talon
Darth Malody
Visas Marr

My question to you is which other ladies would be good to consider? I am trying to go more or less for some of the not as well known characters. Are there any others I should consider?

What about Platt Okeefe?


"I must admit Platt, you made an alluring slavegirl."

―Tru'eb Cholakk[src]

Platt Okeefe was a beautiful Human woman. Her most striking feature was her platinum blond hair, whose length she frequently varied. She took advantage of this by dying her hair when she needed anonymity.[2] Okeefe typically wore a red vest over a white blouse, with matching red boots, and a red and silver striped headband. Okeefe also wore pants with red piping down the side—possibly a set of Corellian Bloodstripes.[37] She kept a number of disguises on her ship, from menial tech overalls, to an Imperial Customs Officer's uniform, to evening gowns by some of the most famous designers in the Core Worlds.[11] However, even when settled in her ship, Okeefe kept a ubiquitous Spacer's chest prepared.[38]

She was considered quite beautiful by many and the notorious womanizer Lando Calrissian was known to be an admirer, once giving Darrik a bejeweled broach to give to her.[11]


Is this the woman commonly in red with white hair that has graced the covers and pages of a lot of the original RPG books? I could totally include her in my list of people since she is exactly what I was looking for, someone unique not often depicted from the SW universe. Yes, I shall add her to my list.

Yep!  That's the same lady!

For my part, I love Mara Jade, Assajj Ventress & Aayla Secura. These women are dynamic and amazing, strong and self assured. Also, I didn't see Ahsoka Tano on your list, and I sort of feel that any list of Star Wars women that is missing her is missing out.

Just my opinion ;-)


Oh I spite you. I understand the marketing aspect of including Ahsoka in the list, but I am hesitant about it. For one thing she is portrayed as a younger preteen and so I am kinda up in the air about how I feel including her as a pin up. I mean, my work is definately on the vanilla side of things, but when it comes down to it, I just don't want to. Maybe if I get bugged enough for her as a piece I will include her, or do a piece with her in it down the line. I dunno, I will have to think about it.

Oh, also, did you watch Penny Arcade's "Strip Search" series? Their artist did a MTG skateboard design with that same character you have there. It was a great episode.


Which episode was that? I totally missed it.

Ever thought about adding Jaina Solo to your fine list of female figures? Just a thought. 

Done & done, sir.

Coolness,... I found this and it kinda reminded me of your postcards. See what you think, Jynx.

how about some of the Old Republic women?... LIke Bastilla Shan and Satele Shan ...  maybe the Female Bounty Hunter that they produced as a model.


Oh, and should definiately get a Miraluka woman in there...

I have Bastilla on the list. I may add more to it later on because the list is already pretty long, and I am not focusing specifically on Star Wars. I thought I would see what else is out there here though, but I am also working on stuff from d&d, mtg, some old school cartoons, and some tv shows as well. 

Selene from Underworld

Leloo from Fifth Element

Black Widow from Avengers

How about this one, Jynxie? Ornella Muti as Princess Aura in the 1980's cult classic Flash Gordon.

Oh man, Flash Gordon.....yeah dude....yeah. I dunno what to say there. Maybe let me clarify some things I won't do because I have a severe 'dislike' (ok I hate them) for the following: Superman/girl/woman/Powergirl, Aquaman and everything to do with him, Flash Gordon....Yep, those are the main ones. I also tend to dislike Star Trek and things related to it. I am a hater, what can I say? I am sure there are some others out there, but these are the top ones for me.

So my three are okay then :)


Have you considered any video game characters? There's the ever present and awesome Samus Aran, plenty of fighting game fodder here as well, and perhaps most interestingly, I think the DotA/Hon/LoL games provide a LOT of awesome potential characters. I'm a HoN man myself, but LoL is perhaps the most popular at the moment. Just a suggestion.


Sorry,...     =(

I do have some video game characters on my list. And don't be sad LC, I just don't fancy some things and would rather not do a piece of something I don't like. Even if it would make me $ at cons. Someone asked me to do Mira, and I declined to do so. That's the best part of doing stuff on your own, you are your own boss.

How about these four?

  1. Phoenix
  2. Dark Phoenix
  3. Zatanna
  4. Starfire

Tahiri Veila would be a good addition, per or post vong shaped.

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