Cincinnati Comic Con Sept 6th!

Cincinnati Comic Con Sept 6th!

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Hey all,

I will be in artists' alley at the Cincinnati Comic Con in a few weeks. Some buddies and I will be doing a raffle and giving away some artwork that way. I will have art prints for sale, and be taking commissions, so if anyone is in the area it would be lovely to meet face to face. There will also be a drink and draw on Friday night after the con at the museum to raise some money for charity. 

Well, I hope you have fun Jynx...   I heard ComicCons are a lot of fun.

Thanks Xan. I just got back from Gen Con and am already looking forward to Cincinnati Comic Con. 

Good luck and have a blast while you're at it.

How was ComicCon Jynxie?

It was a lot of fun, and I am already looking forward to being there again next year. It was smaller, but much more homely. Tony Moore (yes, the dude from Walking Dead) really took care of us all, the staff were excellent as well, and talking to a lot of people that came by I was a little surprised that for the majority of folks it was their very first comic con. I wound up selling a lot of sketch cards, and a few prints. Networking was awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing from some new friends about some possible collaborations, as well as some commissions for freelance opportunities. And the lucky winner of the art raffle we did happens to have a wife who is into museum curration. He was a nice guy and wound up walking away with some original prints that myself and my buddies put into the art auction for charity to the museum center.

Anyone who has never done a convention and sat behind the table, I highly reccomend doing so. Even if you aren't ready to sell but are thinking about it, I would try to see if you know anyone showing who is looking for a booth buddy they can leave to babysit for an hour or two here and there to allow them to look around. But in general, the people who come to these shows are pretty great, and it was my first time selling my own art. I am lucky to have the rest of my college buddies to help me out by encouraging me to attend more shows, and for the people I get a chance to meet at the shows. It's a ton of fun, and a great way to keep motivated once you are done with school or just in a bit of a down time.

Sounds like a blast...  I have nothing to sell, but have no problem helping out anyone who want's a booth buddy. :)

I've been a booth buddy before back when I was in college for a professional ceramic artist friend of mine at the Berea Arts and Crafts Festival there was around a collection of 125 exhibitors. My artist was a member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen which was required to take part in the festival and she introduced me as her apprentice and I even did a little sculpting just for fun at her booth. 

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