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Every once and again I draw something that isn't Star Wars. 

Some of it I take all the way to Color Town!

HEY!  Here's some now....

Is it bad that I just want to give that T-Rex a hug??

This stuff is great fun though! Is there more? Will there be more? :D

I'm working on more, yes. Having trouble with the mammoth. lol

Okay, so I'm working on a T-Rex vs Mammoth piece, but I need one more 'skewed timeline' element to set it off. Any suggestions, anyone?

How about a T-Rex being chased by K-9 from Doctor Who?

What sort of setting are they in? Would a plane or chopper or... hot air balloon in the sky work?

...or maybe some stuff they've stomped on in their battle... a bicycle, trash cans, a bent street sign...??

Holy crap! Yes! A city street. Brilliant! I haven't done that yet. And I can do K-9 chasing a herd of pachyrhinosaurus I was working on. Thanks, guys.

Ok. Somehow the Mammoth vs T-Rex turned into Abraham Lincoln vs Ceratosaurus.  I don't know how.  It was a slow progression.

LOL...  who knows how the human brain works :)

You seriously need to put Abrahma Lincoln battling the T-Rex on a Tshirt...  

Ha!  My wife and I were just talking about that :)

Put it on a T-shirt with some Nerd reference with it, and send it to the writers/crew of Big Bang Theory :)

What? Like, (4 score + 7) million years ago....?

LOL... I like it...   Four Score and Seven Million Years Ago ...   Our forefathers fought dinosaurs!

I do have some shirts available. Finally.


I put up a post for you on my facebook and my Twitter, not that it will do anything,b ut who  knows :)

I still think you need a "Four Score and Seven Million years ago" written on the Lincoln Tee

I agree. I plan an doing that on a separate one. Just need the right font. lol
Thanks, btw.

I like 'em all but the Cow T-Rex is just awesome. I want to see a herd!

A herd?  That's not a bad idea. Or maybe a pack hunting some saurapodian hamsters...

Hey Judas...  I linked Sarah Louise Madison your Cow-Rex Tshirt ... she favorited my tweet...   who knows, maybe someone famous will be wearing one of your shirts :)  ((In case you don't know who she is, she's Angel Bob from Doctor Who.. as well as many other roles on Doctor Who ((including zombie Clara))

Thanks, Xan.

Anytime... I hope to see her wearing your t-shirt :)

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