Female Gand Jedi Knight

Female Gand Jedi Knight

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Well heres my black and whites for it. Haven't done black and whites in a long time! Usually start with colors now. This request was originally done by Asok as a padawan as seen here: http://www.swagonline.net/node/5428

Requester asked for her to be updated to more "healer" look since the character has aged and is almost a Jedi Knight.

If there's anything you'd like changed danikreuzer, let me know!

She-Gand + Wounded Vractyl = Snel Hest


I looooved Asok's original depiction of this character, and have been pumped to see the 'updated model'!

And, well, including a varactyl in the image has just kind of created INSTANT WINNER in my eyes. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy watching this piece progress.

That is Incredible!

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