Sons of Anarchy Mandalorian Clan

Sons of Anarchy Mandalorian Clan

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Sons of Anarchy re-imagined as a mandalorian clan.  Work in progress.

Sons of Anarchy TV show characters in the Star Wars universe.  Opie, Tig, Jax, Chibs, Juice, Bobby, Clay.

I'm laughing about Opie soooooo hard hahahaha!


That'll probably be Opiee  (Notice the extra 'e'  lol).  Get it??   Like....  Wookiee has that extra 'e'?    Get it?  lol.     Nevermind.

I just can't get the idea of him being a Wookiee out of my head, with all that hair and the way he combs it back chewbacca style (when it isn't under a hat.)

Jax coloured.  Used red for his armor highlights;  according to mando culture its to honour one's father.  For those who know the TV series, I thought it fit.

Ron Perlman as a Mandalorian, scary!

Looking really good man...

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