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I've been watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy lately.   It has really grown on me, the idea that a Mandalorian Clan is a lot like a Motorcycle Club.   Very similar cultures.

So I started envisioning the Sons of Anarchy in a Star Wars environment.  

For those not aware, the main group in the show is nicknamed Sam Crow, which is the acronym SAMCRO, which is Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original; being that they are the 'original' founding charter of an international club, from Redwood (the region they started out in).


So this version is the Sons of Anarchy Mandalorian Clan Rendili Original.   In english as well as Mandalorian.

Hasn't the Mandalorian language been fleshed out as a full conlang? I thought that someone was working on that.

You mean like a literal translation, and then putting it into Mando script?   Yeaaah...-no.   Time is too precious as it is.  :p



Ade be ures'kedin

Rendili maan


Closest I could get for a reference to 'anarchy' was to put together ures ('without') and kedin ('chain of command'), which is a little clunky, and makes me wonder wither the 'be' ('of') is necessary- but there's definitely precedent to accept 'ures'kedin' as a single noun with its own, deeper meaning than just pulling apart the components. Kind of surprised I can't find a word for 'government', though mildly amused that there's nothing for 'Republic' or 'Empire', either. At any rate, I'm not a language nerd, just a nerd!

Also, Dred, that's a pretty badass piece of work. Maybe I should have a watch of the show some time...


Question: what do we know about the structure of this language? Does it have English word order?

Well, I just visited Karen Traviss' website, and turns out that Mando'a is not as fully realized as I would like. Seems to pattern mostly after European languages, which is BORING TO THE MAX. I mean, infinitives ending in -r and negation via preverbal n-? IT'S LIKE WE'RE NOT EVEN TRYING. And she doesn't even make any mention of word order! Why does no one care about word order??


/end rant


Yeah, well, in defence of what exists, it's meant to be a very simple (almost boorish) language that virtually anyone can pick up relatively quickly, and in a human-centric 'Basic' speaking galaxy, I guess it makes sense to follow English. And as someone who doesn't even know what infinitive or preverbal (wait, before a verb, I can work stuff out!) (where was I even going with this) ....anyway, as someone whose knowledge of their own language is pretty pathetic, let alone other languages, I'm pretty okay with a boring space language!

That said, no, it's really not fully fleshed out, and the dictionary is pretty restricted. I can completely understand why you're unimpressed... I imagine it's like when I look at a video game beast and start crying to my husband; "IT CAN'T EVEN PHYSICALLY REACH THE GRASS IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE EATING WHO DESIGNED THAT THING!?"

Hahaha, true! Isn't this the case with Indricotherium? I think some have hypothesized that it must have had a trunk, otherwise it wouldn't be able to reach the ground with its mouth.


It's a little frustrating that the Star Wars EU doesn't have better languages. I forgive Ben Burtt for the languages in the movies, because they had their own philosophy about it, and I think it worked. But with EU there's no reason not to make cool, interesting, fully realized languages. Star Trek, LotR, and Game of Thrones have them, why shouldn't Star Wars?

Y'know, put like that... it is kind of really weird that Star Wars, with the universe and following it has, doesn't... actually have this.

Awwwwa, that's now fun!  =(


I take it you watch the show?  No spoilers...I'm only up to season 4.

But Tara really reminds me of Etain or Bessany trying to fit into the clan for the sake of love. 

Oh man, yes I do watch it but you're lightyears ahead of me XD I've only gotten as far as a few episodes into season 2

Tuss...I dunno what to say.   Good work.  Now I just need to plug it into the script layer of my photoshop version of the drawing and bango!


I cannot take full credit for the piece.  It's a rework of the actual SAMCRO patch.  An internet search for SAMCRO or Sons of Anarchy will produce the original;  I just added a star wars blaster to replace the M-16, a mandalorian helmet and hints of armor to replace the grim reaper, and a thermal detonator to replace the crystal ball with the Anarchist 'A'.

The show was highly recommended;  my wife and I watched the first 2 episodes and were a little bored.  When we got netflix we decided to give it another shot, mainly because friends would NOT SHUT UP about how good it was.

I had always thought that mandos were quite a bit like outlaw bikers in the way they related to society, but this show raelly brings it out; especially their 'home' life.  It's like reading a KT book...they are SO family oriented; making no distinction between blood and 'adopted' caring and compassionate with their own, yet they will totally destroy any outsider who gets in the way of business.  And they will go to any length for payback against anyone who threatens their family.

To general society they are criminals...but even then they have a code of honour; there are things they won't do and other criminals they will go out of their way to punish.

 I'm planning on doing each of the characters up in mando armor.


As a caveat; it is a sanitized version of real outlaw motorcycle groups in the way that the Dukes of Hazard treated moonshine runners.  Crimes are still crimes.

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