Tie Ugly

Tie Ugly

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Started out and said oh cool.Draw,draw,draw...wait, l'me look...oh no...and re-do. Like the newer one better but may incorporate some from the first.

May be a bit to tall....need to work on the size transfer.

This... Is... AWESOME. I cannot wait to see this done!



This looks awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
Thanks for picking up my request.

Awesome start. I'm jealous that I didn't get a hold of this one, but I know you will do it justice.

I bet the requester wouldn't mind another version. You do the technical one and I'll finish the "artsy Fartsy" version...lol

I won't mind having two versions of this, but it's really up to Casca since he picked this up first.

I wouldn't get mad or nothing like that...it's cool to see other styles on something like this.

heh, maybe if I have any free time and can finish the request I'm on

Czethros, will you be the laser cannons on the TIE as well as the lasers of the V-19? Or will the mechanich choose to add either missile launchers or shield generators thanks to the extra space? With what I know of the TIE, if you were to remove the laser cannon mounts from the 'chin' and use that space for either a shield generator or a small missile launcher you could in theory increase the effectiveness of the fighter in space combat.

As i understood him he'll use the tie's chin cannons as well as the souped-up and linked V-19 wing cannons. He has talked about adding in some shielding when/if he finds working shield generator packages though, but that's for a later date.

Right now it's just tie cannons + wing cannons with options to either shoot them in a 2+3 burst or all together.

I only ask because I see great potential for this craft as both a patrol/defense craft as well as a heavy assault craft like a B-wing or even a Morningstar.

Also, if the laser cannons of either the TIE or V-19 were replaced with Ion cannons then it would make for a suitable pirate or pursuit fighter.