Old Tree and...???

Old Tree and...???

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I drew a tree this morning. I was practicing backgrounds. Now all I need is a subject. I was thinking of a Goblin off to the right of the tree. I wanted him to offset the sereen of the forest. But not sure. Any ideas?

I think an Ewok or Wookiee would look great :)

Oh, and I LOVE the background man.

Man, I wish I could do backgrounds like that... :(

I'll work on it!



That's Tuss's way of saying... Draw JAK!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?...  a Goblin would be cool or like Xan was saying an Ewok or a Wookiee, prehaps maybe even Master Yoda would make an interesting subject matter for your foreground image? I think once you're done with this picture you should allow other artist here to use your background to do their own art pieces and projects with. Quite possibly and potentially helping to create numerous, diverse collaborations with your fellow SWAG artists! What do you say to that, my friend??   X-D

I have zero problems with anyone using it for a background. I would even send the PDF to any who requested it. Would have finished it by now but overtime at work and an inexplicit turn on of Skyrim prevent such an endevour. 

Sorry to hear about being overtaxed at your job, I sure most everyone knows those pains!...  =(


However, I think it is totally awesome to know that you would be willing allow others here to borrow your masterful background to work their own personal projects with!!   =D  

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