Maybe this will work for the StormHawk request

Maybe this will work for the StormHawk request

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Inspired by the 26000 yr old Sith spirit in the requests, I started messing around and am now working on this pic. I would claim the request but cant get this out of my head so if this will work I will claim the request, If not...well then I will go nuts toying with what ever this is.

The first one is the reason I went with the second one...might shrink the ears up a bit. Added a tinge of red to the black eyes..added so creepiness and let you know he has spotted you.

In NO way shape or form does the last pic fall into the catigory of a star wars movie, so the next to last is the completed peice. But I couldnt let this oppertunity go to add gore to a Vampire Sith, I mean come on...

A shot at a request for a stealthy, fast, big gunned hammerhead carrier...thing..ship.

It's either The Weekly World New's Bat boy as an adult or Well Said Fred the Sithferatu.

Haha, my thoughts exactly!


Dude!! This is looking awesome!!!

Lo0oking great !

Awww yeah PURPLE!




On a different layer and almost done

you havin' art problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 29 layers but a sketch aint one...hit me..


Oh man.

I was NOT EXPECTING TO SEE THAT. AHAHAHAA. Laughing my butt off, here.

YES. Nice use of Groucho Marx glasses... haha


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