Generic Background Recycle.

Generic Background Recycle.

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I have 2 memory sticks full of partial drawings. ( most of which are in my blogs...) So I have taken to addeing them together for a background. The Yuzzem and the building are new. Gonna slip Asok and Tuss in there more than likely, but I don't even know what I am going to do most of the time, so leave that open.

Wow.. the creature on the right looks realistic man.. Very nice work.

Yeah! How does he do that??


that is why I never finish anything . I get all detailed, stop paying attention or get distracted, can't match the style and give up. I hit on a few things and totally miss most of the time. Even on the ones I do finish, you can see it wear on my stle near the end. It's like sex...there is love and excitment at first, but if it goes on to long you just do what it takes to get done. I find it easier when paid.

Sex is easier when paid...?


I am going to go 

LOL ....   It can be read that way!

I noticed...and still going with no. Sex is not easier when paid. To be absolutely honest, neither is drawing. Both generally do not allow you to choose the subject matter. But with both, it is easier to continue knowing there will be a pay off.

...I have only just now found this bit of conversation and am sniggering mightily to myself.

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