Whoa! This is awesome! This definitely belongs in a supplement book, Bralt!


That is REALLY amazing and beautiful. I love the coloration and your attention to detail is really stunning. Great work!


That's so frickin' cool! :-O

You should put together a tutorial for your coloring techniques, Bralt. Stunning!

I'm going to put together a tutorial section on the site eventually to make doing such things really easy. It won't happen until after we have the request system in place, but yeah, it'll happen :-)


Yikes! That thing is creepy! Not to detract in any way from the skill involved... in fact, that's probably a compliment on the realism of this picture. I'm just imagining myself on some strange alien savannah, with a herd of those things grazing nearby. One of them looks up, eyes me curiously - wherever its eyes are - and licks its lips.

I pull my blaster and open up on the thing. Sure, it looks herbivorous, but how do I know it's not planning to eat me?

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