Very nice work...  look forward to seeing all the new stuff :)

AAAAUUUUGGHh more please more please! I can't wait to see your 'huge upload' hit the gallery. Aaahh.

Oh! This is awesome! 


Also, welcome back Bralt! Haven't seen you around in ages!


I think bralt and Asok should get together and do a Star Wars Coloring book :)

Hey Swaggers (Swag has gotten this whole new meaning through pop culture and now it just feels ... you know... contaminated...)

Thx for the kind words, glad to be back! I've added two more sketches to the blog entry.

These designs are all fantastic. I love the Kel Dor eye pieces, and just everything about the Mandalorian(?) getup.

As for the 'contamination' of swag, well... that has a long history.


I am the undoer of double posts!....


These look GREAT... can't wait to see them finished.

Mister Hannicart. Been awhile. How's it hanging?

Slightly to the left, as always, Sir Hisham!

Such a nice clean, refined sort of quality about all these, ah. Mandalorian, yes please yes please, but that Kel Dor also has some pretty amazing stuff going on. I could look at stuff like this all day.

I look forward to seeing these in the gallery! Fantastic stuff as always and I'm so happy to see you back. Welcome back man!


Wow! Great stuff! Love how the tumbnail shows the crotch in all its glory! Seriously good stuff.

.... cannot unsee.

These are seriously clean. I love all the line work here. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing

Awesome work. Looking forward to seeing more!

Thx! Yes... more crotch shots! Still have not figured out a quick coloring style but made more sketches... :)

Top notch work, old friend.

Honestly, I feel like just flat colours might be all they need... if even that!! The sketches are so clean and the shading is impeccable, they really do stand beautifully on their own. I would happily buy a book of this stuff.

"More crotch shots!!!" are among the things you want to be yelling to other players in a combat encounter.

How are you getting this symmetry?? Are you drawing both halves by hand? These blast points are too accurate for sand people, only imperial stormtroopers are so precise...


Hey Asok,

It's simple really, I have a guideline in the perfect center of the image in Photoshop. Then I loosely sketch the left half, cut away all pixels that cross the half on the right, copy the layer and flip it, then move it to the right. That way, I have a perfect mirror image of my design. I repeat this step a few times over and over during drawing. When I'm content with the base 'look', I add the assymetrical details.

You have to hide the guideline from time to time because Photoshop will 'snap' to it when drawing, so I only use it when I do the mirror layer thingy.

Hope that clarified it a bit for you.

Oh! I thought these were pencil drawings! That does clarify.


I love Ctrl+Z too much... 

I was just telling someone yesterday about the time I tried to ctrl+z while I was drawing with pencil. I've been doing digital too long, it's become muscle memory. LOL


I've done that!! My brain pretty readily yells CTRL-Z at me when I should be going for an eraser... less amusing when I'm inking.

Ditto! I was getting envious of your mad smudge-free skills... now I'll be envious of your digital linework instead. Dang.

I say we take his sketches and make a coloring book.

Would actualy be cool :) Perhaps I should concider letting someone else do the colours...

Tusserk and Mercy are both excellent colorers ... :)




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