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My new year's resolution this year was to learn a new digital painting style, so I bookmarked a load of digital painting tutorials and waited for some free time. Well, since I'm on vacation, I thought this was a good time to give it a go. I took an old piece I had drawn in more or less my usual style and re-colored it in a new style, following a tutorial by Roberto Campos. This is the result. I'm hoping I can get comfortable enough to incorporate these techniques into my usual drawings. I feel like it adds a lot of depth and intensity. I rather like how this one turned out - not bad for a first attempt?

This is looking great! I loved the comparison against the older work.


I really like this one Asok, I epecially love her boots and I cannot wait to see the finished piece!

Looking good there, but watch your anatomy. Your girl is measuring eight heads tall,and likewise she has some flippers for feet! Anatomy sucks, I know from personal experience. Still, this is a pretty fabulous piece of work. I love the colors, and that leading blue outline. I suck when it comes to digital painting. 

Heh, thanks Jynx. I actually drew these lines two years ago; I just wanted a test subject to re-color with the tutorial. I have noticed though that I tend to draw people long and thin, and with big feet. Maybe a reflection of my self-image? Lol, I'll work on it.

I do the same thing from time to time, usually if I'm working on a larger piece than is normal. Or if it's tilted slightly, then it throws off my ability to gauge things till I take a second look and realize how out of whack something looks. I must have missed this being an older drawing, I haven't noticed your proportions being out of whack before. No hard feeling or anything I hope.

No no, I appreciate the feedback. You went to art school, and you're giving me tips, so it's like I'm going to art school! Lol


And I know what you mean about drawing on a tilted surface. That used to give me a lot of grief when I drew on pad. I'd draw a face or something, then pick it up and realize it's skewed to all hell.

I hear the best way to keep your image from being skewed is to draw then look at it in a mirror.  It'll show you quicker if it's skewed then waiting til you're finished :)

I do this all the time when I draw digitally, since it's really easy to flip the image, make corrections, flip again, etc.

Actually the best way is to make a simple light grid using the head as a measuring unit, and resting your eyes and looking at your piece later. It's not as quick, but it beats constantly making corrections. I still tend to do this for larger pieces or transfering thumbnails to actual final paper. 

I've never used this method, but maybe I should start!

That's a big issue with digital illustration. Too many people assume they can make corrections with the tools, when they should spend time learning the foundations. Especially anatomy. I still need to practice my anatomy too. 

I tend to erase and redraw more than use tools for correction. But digitally, it's so easy to erase and redraw, and there's never any mess. I like that. It feeds my perfect-line-OCD, though. Sometimes I'll redraw the same line ten or twelve times in a row.

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