D&D! (and other stuff!)

D&D! (and other stuff!)

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So, I've been playing a lot of D&D lately, and doing a lot of D&D commissions, so I thought I'd share some stuff.

I've been doing commission work for indie publishers making D&D/Pathfinder resources for sale on sites like DriveThruRPG.com. I've also drawn some of my own characters. (I think everyone in my gaming group wants one now, too...)

I also did a HUGE commission of 23 characters for a totally awesome new RPG called Westward - a steampunk sci-fi western game set on another planet. I wound up doing all the character class artwork, and Hish did all the creature work (and other things!). Definitely check it out! Here's a couple of my favorites.

Very nice work... and grats on the commision to both of you.

I will get with my freind who owns the local shop to try and get it...so I can brag I know you guys a little....great work.

I've been enjoying seeing some of this stuff pop up on your deviantart gallery - really great work. Those steampunk characters are awesome!

Asok, congratulation these are astounding some of your best work to date!

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