Almost there

Almost there

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Hopefully I should be getting Photoshop CS today. My fingers are crossed. If I get my hands on it today, I'll definitely be doing some work tonight and maybe have some finished pictures in the next few days.

In the meantime, I've been drawing some more.

Edit: I've added two more drawings, based on characters randomly generated by the virmin NPC generator.

Sevik the Robot Space Pirate

Dug Smuggler

Ekiipi the Battle Droid

Yuzada Ijiimo, Aqualish scout

That Dug looks GREAT! Your stuff is looking really good. Keep it up.


Thanks Kris. Drig's got some stuff in the works that looks amazing as well, including a Dug King.

I love that droid pirate... waay cool concept!

The dugs 'arms' (the things holding the blaster) seems a bit thin, but other than that its cool.

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