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Other trash I work on to get away

working on my own character. Here's to hoping I can finish it.

Jul 21, 2009 by: Casca1967 in: Non-Star Wars Art

X-Men request

Sasha McCloud

A request from Xanamiar;

"Ben McCloud - 50 some years old. Ben and Shayla met back up again, and ended up falling in love, after Shayla got her memory back and apologized for her actions. Ben is wearing the kind of X-men outfit that we see in the movies. However, his outfit would need to reflect his ice abilities.. so either a light blue, with a frost going up it, or something else that would befit him. X-men logo belt to match the outfit. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Jun 7, 2009 by: Mercy in: Non-Star Wars Art

Galatic Civ Ships

Just What I am sending as my ship designs from the game. The background is "deepness Dawn by Greg Martin. ARTOFGREGMARTIN.COM. The rest are My designs, screenshots, cut pasted and touched up. I put in a modified Agamemnon from Bab5 and the Sulaco from Aleins just for fun.

Sep 9, 2008 by: Casca1967 in: Non-Star Wars Art
With the release of Ironman, and the soon to be released Hulk movie I dusted off a pic I did along time ago.( still used colored pencils though...some things do not change)
Sasame Hiroki
Hey guys. This is a non-Star Wars request, but it came through the site so I figure I'll set the blog up here. He's a Monk for a D&D game. Here's the description: Name: Sasame Hiroki (SAH-sah-may he-ROW-key) Race: Human Gender: Male
So I've decided that if I am going to be going to GenCon this year I better have a finished portfolio ready to show off unlike last time. :) This first piece that I am currently working to complete is a non-SW piece, but I wanted to show off this WIP anyway to keep you all up on how I am working my style.